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My Story

Hi, I'm Jane from Elsie's Vintage and am delighted to welcome you to my website.  Everyone calls me Elsie, as it's much easier to remember. 

I'm based in Staffordshire; high up in the hills, surrounded by fields and cows! Nearby are the five towns of the Potteries, renowned for their gorgeous ceramics. People here think nothing of feeding their dogs from Wedgwood plates! For a Southerner like me, it's a treasure hunting joy!


My rural farmhouse not only has beautiful outdoor space for me to grow my favourite flowers, it also perfectly lends itself to my vintage obsession.

 I love hunting for a wide range of vintage treasures, but sometimes find it difficult to part with them as I select them all with love. However, I am slowly running out of space, so it is time to pass them on for the next stage of their vintage journey. 

Happy shopping.